Declutter Your House and Fill It Back Up With Joy

Chances are you have heard of Marie Kondo and her famous method of decluttering your home and your life the Konmari Method.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, I will give you the run down.  The method involved looking at everything you have in your house from clothing to knick knacks and deciding if that item brings you joy or not?  If it does not give you the excited feeling of joy that your favorite shirt does, get rid of it.  If it makes you happy keep it!  It is as simple as that. As you begin the process you will most definitely feel overwhelmed. It is amazing all of the “stuff” we collect over the years. What is worse is all that we hold on to that really does nothing for us.

I started with my closet and had many mixed feelings. In one way I felt ashamed about all the clothing that I had that I never wore. Just thinking about how much I have when others have none was a very sobering feeling. It motivated me to keep only what I really like and what I actually wear. There was shirt in my closet with the tags still on it that my mother bought me quite a few years ago. I have hung on to it because I didn’t want to make her feel bad for moving it along. Then I thought how am I making her feel better by keeping it and not wearing it? That shirt was taking up valuable real estate in my closet. When I completed the task I was amazed about how organized and clean my closet and drawers looked. In drawers that I would complain of not having enough room in suddenly were half empty. The end result was that I felt a weight lifted off of me. I was unaware of the amount of things that were cluttering up my home were actually cluttering up my mind!!

I then took this method to every other room in my house. Room by room I began to clear out the unnecessary and organize the useful, joy giving items. I am a known knick knack lover. I decided to really clear the spaces on my counter tops and table surfaces. The children’s play room is now fully functional and organized with bins for puzzles, games, toys, etc. After feeling like I was drowning in a never ending abyss of cleaning, I suddenly now have time!!!! With a home for everything and less clutter to look at and straighten up, I now have time for other things. I would usually spend so much time cleaning and straightening throughout the day that at the end of the night I would just park it in front of the t.v. It now takes me a fraction of the time to readjust things and then I am able to do yoga, play with the kids, cook dinner leisurely, you name it!! The time that I was able to give back to myself is more than worth the time it took me to go through the house.

Now that I have a clear home, I have a clear mind. There were times being a mom, manager, and homemaker that I felt like I was walking in a fog. My mind was always in a million places. Time management would give me such anxiety. I never realized how much of that stress and anxiety was from my environment. Even the mundane task of putting laundry away is so much easier. My patience has grown, and I am truly enjoying being a mom again!! With time to focus on myself and not everyone and everything else has been a game changer. I didn’t expect for an entire “new me” to emerge from this process, but I am grateful that it did!

I am now more mindful about what I buy and what I put in my house. I have also found new uses for items that I really liked, but didn’t know what to do with them. It gave me an opportunity to be creative and re-purpose what I already had without buying new. I challenge you to do the same. Take a stock of your inventory in your life and weed out the stress!!