I have always been inspired by the mid century modern era.  It just never seemed to fit with what I had.  The love of the style was there,  but the inspiration for it wasn’t.  That is until a consignor brought in a fabulous bookshelf/ hutch that was exactly what I was looking for . It unleashed so much creativity in me that I had to design the room around it.  Several months ago a consignor donated this amazing vintage record cabinet.  The turn table and stereo were still in it, but we’re determined unfixable.  It was not selling in that condition.  That’s when it hit me, my aha moment.  That would go perfectly with the bookshelf,  but not like that.  It would be the best entertainment cabinet.  So, we got a moving truck and moved most of my old furniture out and brought back home the two vintage pieces.  While my husband gutted the cabinet, I got to work on pulling the room together.  I used some of my old furniture and brought in other new items.  The vision took off.  My husband created shelves in the sides of the cabinet where the speakers were and added doors.  He added shelves to the inside of the cabinet where the stereo was.  In a few days time we had given new life to these two vintage pieces that were deemed unsellable .  The inspiration for this look took on a life of its own. I ended up doing my children’s playroom, 3 season porch, and changed up the other living room.  Using items I already had , and adding in some new ones.  I am very big into recycling and reusing, thus the business I am in.  I am happy to say that with a few exceptions I did all of my redecorating with items from our store Decor on Douglas.  This kept the cost affordable,  reducing waste, and getting a better quality of product that I would have paid more for new .  All of the items in the pictures you see are used , or purchased from Tuesday Morning  (my other go to).  I hope that you enjoy the pictures of my rooms, and feel inspired to change up your look.  It only takes one piece to build off of.  Find something that you love and go from there.   Once that creativity starts you will be unstoppable!